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Awards and Honors ::ICAR-Vivekananda Parvatiya Krishi Anusandhan Sansthan

Awards and Honors


S.No. Name of Award Year Recipient(s) Title
1 Fellow of the Indian Society of Genetics and Plant Breeding 2017 Dr Lakshmi Kant Fellow of the Indian Society of Genetics and Plant Breeding, New Delhi for the year 2015 in Platinum Jubilee Celebration Function of IARI, New Delhi on February 11, 2017
2 SBA-Dr TM Manjunath Young Scientist Award 2017 Dr J Stanley For significant contributions to Biological Control Research during 5th National Conference on Biological Control held at Bangaluru on February 09-11, 2017
3 Bharat Ratna Mother Teresa Gold Medal Award 2017 Dr Ramesh Singh Pal Foe excellence in his respective field (Agriculture Research) during 41st National Unity Conference on Individual Achievement & National Development, during January 26, 2017
4 Young Scientist Award 2017 Dr Renu Jethi and Dr N K Singh 1st National Conference on "Advances in Global Research in Agriculture and Technology" by Society of Human Resource and Innovation during March 19-20, 2017
5 Young Scientist Award 2016 Mr Anirban Mukherjee National Conference on Innovative and Current Advances in Agriculture and Allied Sciences during December 10-11, 2016.
6 Best Paper Presentation 2016 Mr Anirban Mukherjee ISEE National Seminar, Information and Communication Management Concerning Climate Smart Agriculture for Sustainable Development and Poverty Alleviation at RVSKVV Gwalior, November 28-30, 2016
7 Rashtriya Gaurav Award 2016 2016 Dr K K Mishra India International Friendship Society, New Delhi
8 Best Oral Presentation Award in International Extension Education Conference-2016 held at Banaras Hindu University, 2016 Dr. Manik Lal Roy ICT in Agricultural Extension
9 Best Poster Presentation Award in the national Conference on hill Agriculture in Perspective at GBPUA&T, Pantnagar  February, 2016. 2016 Dr. Manik Lal Roy under the theme “Marketing and  Trade”
10 Second runner up in “Best Poster Presentation Award” in the National Conference on “ Hill Agriculture in Perspective at GBPUA&T, Pantnagar February, 2016. 2016 Dr. Renu Jethi  under the theme “Marketing and  Trade ”
11 Institute bagged 12 medals (6 gold, 1silver & 5 bronze) in Different events. 2015  Ms. Manisha Arya, Dr.  Rajashekara H., Mr. Rakesh  Bhaumik , Ms. Manisha,  Geetanjali Mr. Tilak Mondal, Mr.  Anirban Mukherjee, Mr.  Ramesh Kanwal, Sh. Gopal  Singh Bisht and Mrs Janki  Mehta  Ms. Manisha Arya was declared  women player of the  tournament.  ICAR Zonal Sports Meet (North)  the Institute contingent  Participated in the ICAR Nourth  Zone Sport Tournament 2015  held at ICAR Indian Institute of  Soil Science and Water  Conservation, Dehradun form 18-  21 April 2015
12 Best oral presentation award in National Seminar Climate, December 5-7, 2015 at Agartala, Tripura 2015  Dr. Salej Sood  Evaluation of finger millet fixed  lines for stability using parametric  and non-parametric methods”
13 Prof. M.J. Narasimhan Academic Merit Award-2016    Dr. Rajashekara, H.  Central zone, New Delhi by Indian  Phytopathological Society, IARI,  New Delhi.
14 Young Scientist Award    Dr. J. Stanley  EET CRS Science & Technology  Award-15 by Education Expo TV.
15 The Institute begged 11 medals 2014  Ms. Manisha, Geetanjali Joshi,  Mrs. Janaki Mehta, Mr. Gopal  and Mr. Anirban Mukherjee  Ms. Manisha was declared  Women Player of the  Tournament  The ICAR zonal sports meet  (North) held at Indian Institute of  Pulses Research, Kanpur form 20-  23 March
16 Best poster  presentation awarded in National Conference on “ Farmers First for Conserving Soil and Water Resource in Northern Region (FFCSWR-2014)” held at CSWCRTI, Dehradun 2014  Drs. S.C. Pandey, Sher Singh &  Dibakar Mahanta  “An overview of Water resource  development and management  technologies and their refinement  for hill farmers”.
17 Young Scientist award 2014  Drs. Selej Sood, Partibha Joshi  and Mr. Gaurav Papnai  8th Uttarakhand State Science  and Technology Congress held on  25-28th December, 2013 at Doon  University, Dehradun.
18 Young Scientist Award for the best oral  presentation    Dr. B. K. Kalyan Babu  Society for Plant Biochemistry and  Biotechnology (SPBB) at the “  National Conference on Science of  Omics for Agricultural  Productivity”.
19 Best oral presentation awards in the National Conference on “Social Dimensions of Extevsion Eductaion in Holistic Development of Rural Livelihood” Help at CBGA PG College, Lucknow 2013  Drs. Nirmal Chandra and  Mukesh Kumar  “Farming System Approach for  Sustainable Devlopment in North -West Himalaya” and “Emergence  of ICT in hills through VPKAS  initiatives: A Contextual  Paradigm”,
20 Zonal sports meet at IISR(ICAR), Lucknow.    Dr. Anubhuti Sharma, Ms.  Manisha and Dr. D.C. Sahoo,  Zonal sports meet at IISR(ICAR),  Lucknow.
21 Fellow Award    Dr. N.K. Hedau  Indian Society of Horticultural  Research & Development,  Uttarakhand.
22 Best Publication Award 2012 for research by Society for Advancement of Human and Nature (SADHNA)    Dr. P. K. Mishra  “Alleviation of cold-stress in  inoculated wheat ( Triticum  aestivum) seedling with  psychrotolerant pseudomonads  form N-W Himalayas”
23 Young Scientist Award for presentation in 7th USSTC 2012  Dr. S.P. Singh  “Practicability analysis and  economics of using different  substrates for oyster mushroom  Pleurotus Sajor-Caju by women  self help group in district  Uttarkashi,”
24 Young Scientist Award in 7th USSTC, 2012  Mr. Pankaj Nautiyal  “Study on women participation in  high hill farming system with  reference to drudgery reduction  through mechanization”
25 Krishi Sansthsan Samman under the    VPKAS, Almora  Mahindra Samridhi India Agri  Award 2012 for its outstanding  contribution in the field of  development and extension of  agricultural technologies. The  award was for the newly  developed technologies of dual  purpose wheat and early  pigeonpea variety and its  extension to farmer's fields..
26 Joginder Singh Memorial Award in Mazie Genetics and Plant Breeding 2010  Dr. V.P. Mani  Indian Society of Genetics and  Plant Breeding, New Delhi for  Original and Meritorious Research  Work in Mazie Genetics and  Breeding during the biennium  2009-10.
27 Young Scientist Award for presentation at Uttarakhand State Science and Technology Congress, Almora,    Dr. K. K. Mishra,  Biodiversity and Utilization of  Medicinal Mushrooms of  Uttarakhand Hills with particular  reference to Ganoderma Lucidum  and Cordyceps Sinensis
28 Best poster presentation at the 11th Asian Mazie Conference on addressing climate change effect and meeting mazie demand for Asia, Nanning, China.    Dr. P.K. Agrawal  Maize bio fortification
29 Fellow    Dr. J.K. Bisht  Rang Management Society of  India at IGFRI, Jhansi,
30 Golden Jubilee Commemoration Young Scientist Award 2010  Dr. R. Bhattacharyya  Indian Society of Soil Science
31 Young Scientist Award from Uttatakhand State for Science & Technology at 5th 2010  Dr. R. K. Tiwari  “Effect of supplementary  inorganic mineral mixture on  body weight gain of male goat”.
32 Best paper award for the paper during National Conference on pest Biodiversity in Rice and Their Management under changed Climate help at CRRI, Cuttack 2010  Drs. J. Stanley, J.P. Aditya ,  J.C. Bhatt, S.C. Pandey and P.K  Agrawal  “Change in the pest spectrum of  rice under changing climatic  situations in NW Himalayan Hills”
33  ICAR Award for Outstanding  Interdisciplinary Team Research  2007-2008 2010  Drs. R. Bhattacharyya, S.  Kundu, V. Prakash, B.L. Mina,  S. Saha, S.C. Pandey, A.K.  Srivastva & H.S. Gupta  Impacts of selected management  practices on carbon sequestration  potential and sustainability of  arable lands in the N.W.  Himalayas. 
34  World Intellectual Property  Organization (WIPO) Award 2009  Drs. S.N. Sushil,  G. SelvaKumar, M. Mohan,  J.C.  Bhatt & H.S. Gupta  Eco-friendly Novel Technology for  Managing White Grubs in North-  West Himalayas
35  Best Poster Award in International  Conference on Grain Legumes 2009  Drs. Supradip Saha, G. Singh,  V. Mahajan and H.S. Gupta  Characterization for Nutritional  and Cooking Quality of Rajmash  (P. vulgaris) as a Function of  Genotype
36  Young Scientist Award by the  Association of Microbiology of India 2008  Dr. G. Selvakumar  Contribution to Microbiology
37  Young Scientist Award for Best Poster  Presentation in the 3rd Uttarakhand  State Science and Technology  Congress 2008  Dr. P.K. Mishra  Effect of Seed Priming with Cold  Tolerant Promoting Pseudomonas  sp Strain PGRs17 on iron  acquisition  and nutrient uptake  of Pea (Pisum Sativum)
38  Young Scientist Award for Best Oral  Presentation in the 3rd Uttarakhand  State Science and Technology  Congress 2008  Mr. Piyush Joshi  Pseudomonas Fragi a Novel  Psychrotolerant Phosphate  Solubilizing Bacterium from  Uttarakhand
39  Societal Innovation Award of NRDC 2008  Drs. S.N. Sushil,  G. SelvaKumar, M. Mohan,  J.C.  Bhatt & H.S. Gupta  Eco-friendly Novel Technology for  Managing White Grubs in North-  West Himalayas
40  Sardar Patel Outstanding ICAR  Institution award 2007 2008  VPKAS, Almora  Agricultural Research in Hilly  Region
41  ICAR Team Award for Outstanding  Research in Agriculture and Allied  Sciences for the Biennium 2005-06 2008  Drs. H.S. Gupta, J.C. Bhatt,  Lakshmi Kant, S.K. Pant, S.  Chandra, S.N. Sushil, & K.A.  Gopinath  Enhancing Productivity  and  Profitability  of Rice-Wheat  System in N.W. Himalayan States
42  European Society for Soil  Conservation (ESSC) Distinction and  Recognition 2007  Mr. Ranjan Bhattacharya  Scientific Activity on Soil  Conservation
43  Uttarakhand State Scientist Award  for The Best Poster Presentation in  the 2nd Uttarakhand State Science  Congress 2007  Dr. G. Selvakumar  Pantoea Dispersa Strain 1A a  Noval Cold Tolerant Plant Growth  Promoting Bacterium from the  Uttarakhand Himalaya
44  Hari Om Saran Ashram Trust Award  for Natural Resource Management 2007  Drs. K.P. Singh, S. Kundu &  H.S. Gupta  Development of technologies for  dehulling and utilization of minor  millets
45  Meritorious Invention Award of  National Research and Development  corporation 2006  Drs. K.P. Singh, S. Kundu &  H.S. Gupta  Design and development of millet  thresher cum pearler
46  Best Poster Presentation Award of the  Society of Extension Education 2005  Drs. S.R.K. Singh, K.Srinivas,  Mukesh Kumar & K.K.S. Bisht  Farmer to Farmer Vegetable  Extension Sustainable Livelihood  in Uttarakhand Hills
47  3rd prize for Research Paper  presented in the Seminar on "IT in  Agriculture" organized by  Maharashtra Society of Extension  Education 2005  Drs. K. Srinivas, Mukesh  Kumar, S.R.K. Singh & K.K.S.  Bisht  Agriculture Marketing for  Economic Development in North- West Hills- Scope of Information  Technology
48  Gold Medal for Best Poster Award at  the International Symposium on  Rainfed Rice Ecosystems: Perspective  and Potential 2004  Drs. Ved Prakash, S.C. Pandey,  Subhash Chandra & A.K.  Srivastva  Studies on Diversification in  Spring Rice Based Cropping  Pattern under Rainfed Condition  in  Mid Hills of Uttarakhand
49  Best Paper Award of Indian Society of  Agronomy for the year 2002 2004  Drs. Ved Prakash, S. Kundu.  V.N. Ghosh, R.D. Singh & H.S.  Gupta  Annual Nitrogen Input to the Soil  from Left-over Biomass of  Soybean (Glycin max) in long  term Fertilizer Experiment in Mid  Hills of North-West Himalayas.
50  Dr. Rajendra Prasad Purashkar of  ICAR for the Biennium, 2001-02 for  Technical Books 2004  Drs. H.S. Gupta & S. Kundu  Uttar Pashchimi Parvatiya  Kshetron  Main Krishi Utpadan Ki  Vridhi Ke  Liye Unnat Krishi  Taknike
51  3rd prize for Best Poster Presented at  International Symposium on  Molecular Approaches to Improve  Crop Productivity & Quality, TNAU,  Coimbatore 2002  Drs. R. Babu, J.C. Bhatt, H.S.  Gupta, P.K. Agrawal, J.N.  Reddy, U.D. Singh & R.  Shridhar  Molecular Polymorphism reveals  Potential for Marker Aided  Pyramiding of Blast Resistance  Genes in Hill Rice
52  Sardar Patel Outstanding ICAR  Institution award 2000 2001  VPKAS, Almora  Hill Agriculture

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