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Externally Funded Projects ::ICAR-Vivekananda Parvatiya Krishi Anusandhan Sansthan

Externally Funded Projects

ICAR-NAIF funded Project

  • Genetic transformation and development of elite transgenic maize (Zea mays L.) for biotic and abiotic stresses tolerance (Mr. Rakesh Bhowmick upto Jan. 2018, Dr. A. Pattanayak and Dr. J. Stanley)


 Consortium Research Platform (CRP) Projects

  • ICAR-CRP on Biofortification in Selected Crops for Nutritional Security (Dr. R.K. Khulbe, Dr. R.S. Pal & Mr. Rakesh Bhowmick upto Jan. 2018)
  • ICAR-CRP on Molecular Breeding in Maize (Dr. R.K. Khulbe, Dr. R.S. Pal, Dr. Rajasekara H & Mr. Rakesh Bhowmick upto Jan. 2018)
  • CRP on agrobiodiversity, PGR management, Component II – Wheat (Dr. Raghu BR upto June 2017)
  • CRP on Molecular Breeding Wheat (Dr. Lakshmi Kant, Dr. K.K. Mishra, Dr. Raghu B.R & Rakesh Bhowmick upto Jan. 2018)


DUS project

  • DUS/GOT trials in kidney bean (Dr. Anuradha Bhartiya)


 AICRP/ Network projects

  • Post Harvest Technology for Value Addition and Marketing of Agricultural Produce (Dr. Sher Singh, Mr. Shyam Nath, Dr Jitendra Kumar (w.e.f., April 15, 2017), Dr Kushagra Joshi)
  • Use of Plastics in Agriculture Particularly in Protected Cultivation, Water Harvesting and Packaging (Dr. Sher Singh, Mr. Shyam Nath, Dr Jitendra Kumar (w.e.f., April 15, 2017),)
  • All India Network Project on Soil Arthropod Pests (Dr. J. Stanley and Dr. A.R.N.S. Subbanna)
  • Evaluation of organic, inorganic and integrated production systems (Dr. Dibakar Mahanta, Dr. P.K. Mishra, Dr. K.K. Mishra, Dr. J. Stanley, Dr. V.S. Meena, Dr. Venkatesan M.)


AMAAS Projects

  • Bioprospecting for Microbial Products that Effects Cold Alleviation and Growth (Dr. Pankaj K. Mishra)


 ICAR-FCI Sponsored Project

  • Study on Determining Storage Losses of Food Grains in FCI and CWC Warehouses and to Recommend Norms for Storage Losses in Efficient Warehouse Management (Dr. Sher Singh)


NMHS Project

  • Identification, assessment and enhancement of soil carbon and nitrogen sequestration potential of different ecosystems in the central Himalayan through a community participatory approach (Dr. V.S. Meena, Dr. B.M. Pandey, Dr. A. Mukherjee, Mr. T. Mondal (upto August 2017), Dr. R.P. Yadav, Dr. N.K. Singh, Dr. H.C. Joshi, Dr. P. Nautiyal, Dr. G. Papnai)
  • Strategies to Improve Health and Nutritional Status of Hill Farm Women through Technological Intervention (Dr. Renu Jethi, Dr. Pratibha Joshi, Dr, Nirmal Chandra, Dr. Pankaj Nautiyal, Ms Manisha Arya)

 NMHSE Project

  • National Mission for Sustaining the Himalayan Ecosystem (Dr. A. Pattanayak, Dr. S.C. Panday, Dr. Kushagra Joshi, Dr. V.S. Meena and Dr. J. Stanley)


DST Funded SERB Young Scientist Project

  • Habitat Management of Non-Apis Bee Polinator Conservation (Dr. J. Stanley)


 NABARD Funded Project

  • Formation and Promotion of farmers' Producer Organization (Dr. Renu Jethi)


 DAC Funded Project through ICAR-NCIPM

  • Efficacy of phosphine fumigant against storage pests of pulses, wheat, rice and coffee beans; and residue analysis for quarantine and long-term storage purpose (Dr. J. Stanley)


HATS, Mukteshwar

  • High Altitude Testing Site, Mukteshwar (Drs. N.K. Hedau & Sher Singh)

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