Externally Funded Projects

DBT Funded Projects

  • Pyramiding multiple resistance genes using MAS for durable resistance against blast in the North West Himalayas 
  • Development of micronutrient enriched maize through molecular breeding – Phase II 
  • Marker Assisted Selection for durable resistance against yellow rust in wheat suitable for the North Western Himalayan region

ICAR-NASF funded

  • Genetic transformation and development of elite transgenic maize (Zea mays l.) for biotic and abiotic stresses tolerance 

Consortium Research Platform (CRP) Projects

  • CRP on agrobiodiversity, PGR management, Component-II- Wheat
  • CRP on Sustainable Agro-Biodiversity Rice
  • CRP on Agro-biodiversity in Finger millet component II-Germplasm evaluation 
  • CRP on Bio-fortification in selected crops for nutritional security
  • CRP on Molecular Breeding in Maize

DUS project

  • DUS project on maize, soybean and kidney bean

Indo-Australian Program 

  • Indo-Australian Program on triple rust resistance in wheat  

AICRP projects

  • Post-Harvest Technology for Value Addition and Marketing of Agricultural Produce
  • Use of Plastics in Agriculture Particularly in Protected Cultivation, Water Harvesting and Packaging

AMAAS Projects

  • Application of Microorganisms in Agriculture and Allied Sectors (AMAAS) Project

ICAR-FCI Sponsored Project

  • Study on Determining Storage Losses of Food Grains in FCI and CWC Warehouses and to Recommend Norms for Storage Losses in Efficient Warehouse Management

Network Project on Organic Farming (NPOF)

  • Evaluation of organic, inorganic and integrated production systems

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