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Supporting ::ICAR-Vivekananda Parvatiya Krishi Anusandhan Sansthan


List of Supporting Staff

S.No Name of Supporting Officer Designation
1 Mr. Bachi Ram SSS
2 Mr. Tej Singh SSS
3 Mr. Gopal Ram SSS
4 Mr. Sher Singh SSS
5 Mr. Umed Singh SSS
6 Mr. H C Upadhyay SSS
7 Mr. Kailash Singh SSS
8 Mr. Vinod Balmiki SSS
9 Mr. Ramesh Chandra SSS
10 Mr. Gopal Singh SSS
11 Mr. Jagdish Ram SSS
12 Mr. Gopal Singh SSS
13 Mr. Shiv Kumar SSS
14 Mr. Basant Singh SSS
15 Mr. Prakash Lal Arya SSS
16 Mr. Nandan Lal SSS
17 Mr. Mantraj SSS
18 Mr. Kailash Chandra SSS
19 Mr. M C Bhatt SSS
20 Mr. Sher Singh SSS
21 Mr. Anand Ram SSS
22 Mr. Chandan Singh SSS
23 Mr. SurendraNath SSS
24 Mr. Diwan Lal SSS
25 Mr. Dayal Chandra Joshi SSS
26 Mr. Basant Lal SSS
27 Mr. Har Singh SSS
28 Mr. Surendra Singh SSS
29 Mr. Navven Ram SSS
30 Mr. Mohan Singh SSS
31 Mr. Bhagwan Vallabh SSS
32 Mrs. Jibuli Devi SSS
33 Mrs. Narayani Devi SSS
34 Mr. Narayan Singh SSS
35 Mr. Ram Singh SSS
36 Mr. Govind Vallabh Joshi SSS
37 Mr. Nandan Singh Jeena SSS
38 Mr. Partap Singh SSS
39 Mr. Dinesh Chandra Tiwari SSS
40 Mr. Bachi Singh SSS
41 Mr. Har Singh SSS

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