• Training programme on Seed Production for Women Farmers

    ICAR VPKAS, Almora organized a 3 days (5-7 March, 2018) training and skill up-gradation programme on Seed Production for hill farmwomen at Hawalbagh Estate. Dr. A. Pattanayak, Director, ICAR VPKAS, Almora inaugurated the programme. In his address, Dr. Pattanayak highlighted the significance of seed production in hills as most of the farmers are using their own seed, thereby compromising with the quality, as there is a wide gap between the demand and supply of good quality seeds. Women are the backbone of hill agriculture. Women if provided proper training and skill upgradation in seed production, they can take up seed production as an enterprise and multiply their family income.

    Dr. Lakshmi Kant, Head, Crop Improvement Division, emphasized on importance of organising training programmes for women farmer as they are the main cultivators in hills but still have less access to the extension and training programmes. Women are good communicators and they can easily diffuse the information gained through the trainings to other farmers in their respective regions. The coordinators of the training programme informed that the course for the training programme has been designed in a hand holding manner involving basic components of seed production covering technical and practical aspects.


    About 27 farmwomen belonging to nine villages of Chaukhutiya block of Almora district participated in the training programme. These villages are adopted by ICAR VPKAS, Almora under Mera Gaon Mera Gaurav programme. Farmwomen were apprised of seed production techniques of Wheat and Barley, vegetable seed production, pulse and oilseed production, seed processing methods, integrated pest management, seed storage. Besides this, lectures on drudgery reduction and nutritional improvement of farmwomen, various schemes and programmes for farmwomen were also provided. Visits to experimental farm, farm machinery and equipments and seed processing unit were also organised for practical exposure.