• Front Line Demonstrations on Soybean

     Front line demonstrations on soybean and black soybean were conducted at farmer's field during Kharif 2019 at Patia and Katyura villages of Almora district. Improved varieties of soybean (VL Soya 89, VL Soya 47, VL Soya 59 and VL Soya 63) and black soybean (VL Soya 65 and VL Bhat 201) were demonstrated along with local cultivars of soybean at farmer's field. To generate awareness among farmers about improved varieties of soybean along with their package of practices value addition and marketing options a field day on soybean was organised on 30.09.2019 at Patia village of Almora district.  A total of 102 farmers participated in the event which was coordinated by Dr. Anuradha Bhartiya, in event Drs. L. Kant, Sher Singh, J.P. Aditya, A.R.N.S. Subbanna, Er. Shyam Nath had actively participated.