• Quick Response of KVK (ICAR-VPKAS), Kafligair, Bageshwar against locust appearance

    A sudden appearance of locust was noticed at KVK Kafligair farm on 20.07.2020 at around 12.30 pm. The KVK team got activated immediately and the information was conveyed to ICAR-VPKAS, Almora. As per the directions of ICAR-VPKAS, Almora, locusts were scared through sounds of utensils (thali, kanastar etc.) and smoke. These efforts led to make them away from the surroundings. Some of them were killed also. Spray of chlorpyriphos was also applied on crops. The information of locust appearance was also immediately conveyed to District Agriculture Department Bageshwar, District Horticulture Department Bageshwar, public representatives of  Jila Panchayat   and farmers through telephone and whatsapp groups. The photographs and video clips for the identification and scaring methods for locusts were also shared through social media. Thus, the whole system got alert. Afterwards, personal visits and announcements in the peripheral villages’ viz., Bholna- Naghar, Gairigar, Tana, Kholseer, Sainj, Baidibagar, Matela, Chauna and Billori   were also done for awareness.


                    At around 3.30 pm the information of locust appearance was received from village Bholna- Naghar. But as the farmers were already made aware and alert, they scared the locusts with the same methods that were shared with them by KVK. Moreover, KVK, Bageshwar and District Departments remained in continuous contact for exchange of information and vigil. Since then no information of locust appearance has received in the district.  Thus, the alertness and quick response of KVK, Bageshwar did not allow any crop damage in the district Bageshwar. The information of this locust appearance was also communicated to ICAR-National Institute of Integrated Pest Management (NCIPM), New Delhi through uploading the data on its portal on the same day