Development of new early and high yielding sweet corn hybrid for North Eastern Plains, Peninsular and Central Western regions

Sweet corn is a variety of corn with high sugar content due to the presence of one or more recessive alleles in the maize endosperm starch synthesis pathway. Sweet corn is widely used for human consumption in fresh, canned, and frozen forms due to its high sugar content. The demand for sweet corn is progressively rising due to enhanced consumption and growing demand from food-processing industry. A high yielding sweet corn hybrid VL Madhurima (FSCH 144) has been developed at ICAR-VPKAS Almora using a combination of Backcross Breeding (BB) and Hybrid Breeding. Brief description of VL Madhurima (FSCH 144) is as follows:

VL Madhurima 1 (FSCH 144): This hybrid has been developed by combining VSL 400 and VSL 407, which are sweet corn version of normal corn line V 400 and V 407. It matures in 95-100 days and has an average yield of 10,513 kg/ha (dehusked green cobs), which was 10.1 % higher than the check variety Misthi (9,556 kg/ha). It possesses mean TSS % 15, and is moderately resistant to turcicum and maydis leaf blight, fusarium stalk rot, charcoal rot and cercospor leaf spot. It has has been identified for release in North Eastern Plains Zone (Eastern UP, Bihar, West Bengal, Orissa and Jharkhand), Peninsular Zone (Maharashtra, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu) and Central Western Zone (Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhatisgarh) at the 66th Annual Maize Workshop of ICAR-AICRP on Maize held during 12-14 April, 2023 at GB Pant University of Agriculture & Technology, Pantnagar (Uttarakhand). This new sweet corn hybrid will add to sweet corn varietal diversity in the country as a whole, and in North Eastern Plains, Peninsular region and Central Western region in particular, and thereby will offer farmers a wider choice. Further, its high yielding parents will ensure availability of seed of this hybrid to the farmers at a reasonable price and help in its wider adoption in the different regions of the country.