Experimental Farm


                                                                     EXPERIMENTAL FARM, HAWALBAGH

The Experimental farm of V.P.K.A.S., Almora is situated at Hawalbagh (about 13 km from the headquarters). It is spread over 85.6 ha, of which 44.5 ha is cultivable. The Farm also houses field laboratories, polyhouses, residential colony, Farmers' Hostel and guest house.For efficient administration and research activities, experiment farm has been divided into eight sectors for different field experiments.

Line Estate
Line Estate Sector has 5.0 ha cultivable land with cent percent irrigation facility. Crop demonstration fields and experiments on cultivated fodders are also located in this sector.


Khari Line
Khari Line Sector has 1.8 ha cultivable land with cent percent irrigation facility. It includes crossing blocks and vegetable experimental fields.


Attadhar Sector contains 1.3 ha cultivable land with about 80% irrigation facility. Research on wheat and maize agronomy and wasteland development are the major activities in this sector.


Khankal Devi
Khankal Devi Sector has 1.3 ha cultivable land with about 10% irrigated area. This low-lying irrigated area provides a suitable ecology for research on transplanted rice.


Kanigair Sector has 2.8 ha cultivable land and most of the research activities on rainfed farming are conducted in this sector.


Chandmari Sector contains 3.8 ha cultivable land and cent percent area is irrigated. Maize breeding, seed production and water management are the major research activities in this sector.


MallaHata Sector has the largest chunk of cultivable land, i.e., 6.0 ha of which about 70% is irrigated. Rice and millet breeding and seed production are the major research activities of the sector.


Chhalar Sector contains 2.4 ha of cultivable land of which about 90% is irrigated. This area is dedicated to seed production.


Extreme wide shot of experimental farm office and main Hawalbagh building