Centralized Laboratories in ICAR-VPKAS
Bio-Technology Laboratory

Biotechnology Laboratory has been established under Crop Improvement Division of the ICAR-VPKAS. It has following facilities:

  • Qiagen Tissue Lyser for high throughput DNA extraction from leaf and seed sample
  • Thermal cycler for genotyping and any other related application
  • Gel electrophoresis system for separation of DNA, RNA and protein
  • Gel documentation system for taking high quality gel images
  • Phase contrast microscope for high resolution microscopy of live sample
  • Qiaxcel fragment analyzer for high throughput genotyping
  • ABI 3130xl genetic analyzer for DNA sequencing and fragment analysis
  • Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer for quantification of mineral ions in plant and soil sample
  • Minus eighty degree refrigerator for storage of tissue sample
  • Laminar Air Flow for aseptic culture of plant tissue and bacteria
  • Biolistic gene gun for direct transformation of plant tissue
  • Microplate spectrophotometer for colorimetric assays
  • Incubator shaker for bacterial culture

Physiological Laboratory

Physiological Laboratory has been established under Crop Improvement Division of the ICAR-VPKAS. It has following facilities:

  • Leaf Area Meter for measurement of leaf area for all crop plants.
  • Basic facilities for estimation of important parameters like Membrane Stability Index (MSI), Relative Water Content (RWC), Chlorophyll content etc.
  • Conductivity /pH/TDS/°C/°F meter for estimation of electrolyte leakage, pH and temperature.


Plant Pathology Laboratory

Plant Pathology Laboratory has been established under Crop Protection Division of the ICAR-VPKAS. Presently it has following facilities:

  • Isolation, identification and maintenance of plant pathogens/insect pathogens.
  • Artificial phenotyping for resistance to rice blast pathogens.
  • Facility for mass production of important insects and bio-control agentsviz. insect predators and pathogens like Trichodermaspp., Bacillus cereus.
  • Spawn (mushroom seed) production of different mushroom species viz. Agaricusbisporus, Pleurotussajor-caju, Pleurotusflorida, Hypsizygusulmarius.
  • Cultivation of medicinally important mushrooms like Ganodermalucidum, Lentinulaedodes, Pleurotuseryngii, etc.
  • Extraction and isolation of insect pheromones/ volatiles through Air Entrainment.


Quality (Biochemistry) Lab

The Quality (Biochemistry) Laboratory has been established under Crop Improvement Division and is having following facilities:

  • High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)-for the Qualitative and quantitative analysis of samples for quality traits.
  • Farinograph for the analysis of dough quality and properties.
  • Rapid visco analyzer for the determination of pasting properties.
  • Texture analyzer for the evaluation of textural properties of grain samples and food products.
  • UV-VIS Spectrophotometer for colorimetric analysis
  • NIR based grain analyzer for the evaluation of grain physiochemical properties.
  • Semi automatic Soxlet apparatus for oil extraction.
  • Cooling centrifuge for various applications


Soil Science Laboratory 

Soil Science Laboratory has been established under Crop Production Division of the ICAR-VPKAS at Hawalbagh experimental Farm. Presently it has following facilities:

  • UV-VIS Spectrophotometer for different colorimetric estimation like: Plant & Soil available Phosphorus, chlorophyll, various soil enzyme activities (dehydrogenase, phosphatase, arylsulphatase, β-glucosidase, urease, protease, cellulose) 
  • Flame Photometer for estimation of potassium and sodium
  • Muffle Furnace for estimation of crude ash of plant sample
  • Hot Air Oven for drying the different types of samples and glassware
  • BOD Incubator for maintaining controlled condition in different enzyme bioassay
  • Horizontal Shaker for extraction of nutrients from soil samples


Agricultural Chemistry & Microbiology

  • Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS)-AAS vario 6 (Analytika Jena) for the determination of micronutrients, trace elements and heavy metals
  • CHN Analyzer (FOSS Heraeus) for the determination of carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen
  • Nitrogen Analyzer KjeltecTM 2300 (FOSS) for the determination of total nitrogen, ammoniacal nitrogen and protein content
  • Flame Photometer systronics, India for the determination of potassium, calcium and magnesium
  • UV-VIS Spectrophotometer for colorimetric analysis
  • Phase contrast Microscope with computer Imaging system (Nikon ECLIPSE 80i) to determine the shape, size and arrangement of microbes
  • Fermentor (Biotran,Germany) for the mass multiplication of microbes
  • Soil DNA Extractor-Fast prep 24 (MPBIO) for the extraction of DNA & Protein
  • DNA Engine Gradient (PCR) machine (Peltier Thermal cycler) for the amplification of microbial DNA/RNA
  • Polymorphism Mutation detection system for microbial community analysis
  • Gel Documentation system (Alpha Imager) for the visualization of DNA/RNA/Protein gel and analysis
  • Refrigerated Environmental shaker-MaxQ4000 (Barnstead/Lab line, IOWA,USA) for the mass multiplication of microbes
  • Plant Growth Chamber (WTB Binder, Germany) to conduct the experiments under controlled environmental conditions
  • Water Bath-HAAKE SWB25 (Thermo Electron Corporation, Germany) for the extraction of DNA/ RNA/ Protein/ Enzymes
  • Deep freezer (-20ºC) for the storage of microbial cultures